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Upper Texas Coast
April 2010

Yellow Rail, an errant Fork-tailed Flycatcher, a major fallout of Yellow-breasted Chats, tired warblers at our feet and an astonishing collection of shorebirds, including the jaw-dropping visage of 6,000 American Avocets. These were among the highlights from two trips to the Texas coast in 2010 (April 15-21 and April 23-29). Here are a few other notable points:

  • 32 shorebird species
  • 7 tern species
  • 25 warbler species

 And here's a combined trip list (with a few highlights in bold text):

  Black-bellied Whistling-Duck
  Fulvous Whistling-Duck
  Wood Duck
  Mottled Duck
  Northern Shoveler
  Red-breasted Merganser
  American White Pelican
  Brown Pelican
  Neotropic Cormorant
  Double-crested Cormorant
  Least Bittern
  Great Blue Heron
  Great Egret
  Snowy Egret
  Little Blue Heron
  Tricolored Heron
  Reddish Egret
  Cattle Egret
  Green Heron
  Black-crowned Night-Heron
  Yellow-crowned Night-Heron
  White Ibis
  White-faced Ibis
  Roseate Spoonbill
  Black Vulture
  Turkey Vulture
  Northern Harrier
  Sharp-shinned Hawk
  Red-shouldered Hawk
  Broad-winged Hawk
  Swainson's Hawk
  Red-tailed Hawk
  American Kestrel
  Mississippi Kite
  Yellow Rail
  King Rail
  Clapper Rail
  Virginia Rail
  Common Moorhen
  American Coot
  Black-bellied Plover
  American Golden-Plover
  Snowy Plover
  Wilson's Plover
  Semipalmated Plover
  Piping Plover
  American Oystercatcher
  Black-necked Stilt
  American Avocet
  Spotted Sandpiper
  Solitary Sandpiper
  Greater Yellowlegs
  Lesser Yellowlegs
  Upland Sandpiper
  Long-billed Curlew
  Marbled Godwit
  Hudsonian Godwit
  Ruddy Turnstone
  Red Knot
  Semipalmated Sandpiper
  Western Sandpiper
  Least Sandpiper
  Pectoral Sandpiper
  Buff-breasted Sandpiper
  Short-billed Dowitcher
  Long-billed Dowitcher
  Laughing Gull
  Franklin's Gull
  Ring-billed Gull
  Herring Gull
  Least Tern
  Gull-billed Tern
  Caspian Tern
  Black Tern
  Forster's Tern
  Royal Tern
  Sandwich Tern
  Black Skimmer
  Rock Pigeon
  Eurasian Collared-Dove
  White-winged Dove
  Mourning Dove
  Inca Dove
  Yellow-billed Cuckoo
  Common Nighthawk
  Chimney Swift
  Ruby-throated Hummingbird
  Belted Kingfisher
  Red-headed Woodpecker
  Red-bellied Woodpecker
  Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
  Downy Woodpecker
  Red-cockaded Woodpecker
  Pileated Woodpecker
  Eastern Wood-Pewee
  Great Crested Flycatcher
  Western Kingbird
  Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
  Fork-tailed Flycatcher  
  Loggerhead Shrike
  White-eyed Vireo
  Yellow-throated Vireo
  Blue-headed Vireo
  Philadelphia Vireo
  Red-eyed Vireo
  Blue Jay
  American Crow
  Purple Martin
  Tree Swallow
  Bank Swallow
  Cliff Swallow
  Barn Swallow
  Carolina Chickadee
  Tufted Titmouse
  Brown-headed Nuthatch
  Carolina Wren
  House Wren
  Sedge Wren
  Marsh Wren
  Ruby-crowned Kinglet
  Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
  Eastern Bluebird
  Swainson's Thrush
  Wood Thrush
  American Robin
  Gray Catbird
  Northern Mockingbird
  Brown Thrasher
  European Starling
  Cedar Waxwing
  Blue-winged Warbler
  Tennessee Warbler
  Orange-crowned Warbler
  Northern Parula
  Yellow Warbler
  Chestnut-sided Warbler
  Yellow-rumped Warbler
  Black-throated Green Warbler
  Blackburnian Warbler
  Yellow-throated Warbler
  Pine Warbler
  Palm Warbler
  Blackpoll Warbler
  Black-and-white Warbler
  American Redstart
  Prothonotary Warbler
  Worm-eating Warbler
  Swainson's Warbler
  Northern Waterthrush
  Louisiana Waterthrush
  Kentucky Warbler
  Common Yellowthroat
  Hooded Warbler
  Yellow-breasted Chat
  Summer Tanager
  Scarlet Tanager
  Savannah Sparrow
  Le Conte's Sparrow
  Lincoln's Sparrow
  Swamp Sparrow
  White-crowned Sparrow
  Seaside Sparrow
  LeConte's Sparrow
  Northern Cardinal
  Rose-breasted Grosbeak
  Indigo Bunting
  Painted Bunting
  Red-winged Blackbird
  Eastern Meadowlark
  Common Grackle
  Boat-tailed Grackle
  Great-tailed Grackle
  Brown-headed Cowbird
  Orchard Oriole
  Baltimore Oriole
  American Goldfinch
  House Sparrow

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Fork-tailed Flycatcher

Painted Bunting

Red Knot

Summer Tanager

Least Bittern

Common Nighthawk

Finding Yellow Rails in the marsh

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