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Trip Terms and Conditions
(The Fine Print)

We know clients prefer their privacy So the price of our trips is often based on single-occupancy, with a discount available for double-occupancy and an additional discount sometime available to drivers who escort others during the trip. (This discount may not be available to all drivers.) Our costs can sometimes change owing to forces beyond our control. Therefore, the price of this outing is subject to minor change until three months before any trip. Any price change exceeding 10 percent will entitle participants (who so desire) to a full refund.

Payment and Cancellation Policy
Your deposit will hold your space in any outing. We require payment in full 60 days before each extended tour away from Vermont. If you cancel 60 days or more before the trip you can get a refund of your deposit minus a $50 cancellation fee. Cancellations between 30 and 60 days a tour will require us to keep your deposit. Cancellations within 30 days of a trip will cost you half the trip fee; if we can fill your spot, however, the cancellation fee will be limited to $100. We may waive or negotiate the cancellation fee if the cause is a medical emergency or other catastrophic event. We reserve the right to cancel any outing for which there are insufficient reservations no less than 60 days before the trip date. In the event of cancellation, all deposits and other payments for the trip will be refunded.

The Pace of Our Trips
Our pace is generally easygoing. But we begin birding early (sometimes as early as 6 a.m.) after a quick "birder's breakfast" of fruit, muffins and juice (coffee addicts are sometimes on their own). We often bird and walk until lunchtime, which can be a quick meal if the birding is particularly good. We usually compile our birdlist for the day during dinner. We try to finish supper and be back at our hotel rooms no later than 8 p.m. Please be aware that some trips include tricky walking on trails or rocky shorelines. Biting insects (bird food) can also be a challenge from time to time. If you have a health problem or any physical limitations, please let us know (if you think it's appropriate) and please don't overestimate your abilities. We want everyone to enjoy the outing; so we're eager to discuss the terrain and pace of any trip.

In order to get an early start, Bryan often provides a "Birder's Breakfast" -- usually fruit, muffins and juice. (Sorry, coffee drinkers are on their own, but hotels often brew early for us.) We try to avoid fast food joints, but sometimes it's our only option. When we have the opportunity, we sometimes make a quick mid-morning food stop (especially on cold-weather trips). Suppers are relaxing, never at fast-food joints, and never overly fancy. On a few outings, suppers are included in the trip price.

Release and Waiver From Liability
All tour participants must sign and return a waiver form before attending any outing. (Our lawyer made us do it.) The form covers any outing you might attend in a given calendar year. We mail you the form along with essential trip information. You can also view our Release and Waiver from Liability form on-line.

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