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Monhegan Island
September 22–25, 2012
September 28–October 1, 2012

If any place on Earth combines the thrill of fall migration with rugged beauty and simple relaxation, it is Monhegan Island. Off the mid-coast of Maine, Monhegan is famous for a lack of cars, a sparse population and an abundance of birds.

On these outings,we'll see everything from falcons to warblers, from migrating monarchs to lounging harbor seals. Highlights from prior trips range from Yellow-throated Warbler to Yellow-headed Blackbird, from Black Skimmer to Blue Grosbeak, from Northern Fulmar to Northern Gannet. We often see whales and Harbor Porpoises on this trip.

Our lodging is Monhegan House -- simple and elegant (with some great cooks in the kitchen). Bryan has been staying there with clients for more than a decade. We'll rise early each morning to warm muffins, coffee, tea and then waves of migrating birds. We'll return from birding to a hearty breakfast and then head out for more birds, shock-and-awe scenery and leisure afternoons gazing out to sea. Suppers are simple, wholesome and spectacular.

This trip is well-suited to serious and casual birdwatchers. We often accommodate birders with non-birding spouses on Monhegan. The island is 1.5 miles long and about 0.5 miles wide, which means we walk for four days. Or pass your time doing little more than watching the waves.

Prices: The fee includes ferry transportation from Port Clyde, Maine, dockside parking, lodging (three nights), full breakfasts, a family-style buffet supper one night, a lobster bake another night, a wine-and-cheese event, snacks, relaxation, peace of mind and tons of birds.
   - Single Occupancy - $685 per person
   - Double Occupancy - $650 per person

Contact Bryan to register.

Here is some fine print on cancellation terms and other details about Vermont Bird Tours outings.

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