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Hampered by hawks? Stumped on sparrows? Flummoxed by flycatchers? The Better Birding lecture series will solve your avian anxieties. With slides, videos, humor and exuberance, Bryan Pfeiffer offer his secrets and easygoing approaches to birdwatching enjoyment ... and enlightenment. Two workshops for beginners will be free.

DATES: First Mondays of the month (with a few exceptions) from 6:30-8:30pm.
LOCATION: First Baptist Church of Montpelier, a block down School Street from the Kellogg-Hubbard Library. Here's a map.

FEE: $10 per session.


November 9 (FRIDAY) - Digital Photography for the People
The Better Birding schedule is a "living document." We've changed the November workshop to one of Bryan's classic digital photography sessions. You'll understand the dials, buttons and menus on your point-and-shoot or SLR camera. You and your camera will collaborate for the best shots possible. This popular workshop is funny and informative. Bring your camera and CHARGE THE BATTERIES.

December 3 - Dastardly Duos
They are some of the classic challenges in bird identification: Common Goldeneye or Barrow's Goldeneye? Snow Goose or Ross's Goose? Common Loon or Pacific Loon? Female Blue-winged Teal or female Green-winged Teal? Fish Crow or American Crow? Pewee or Empidonax? Fall Chipping Sparrow or Clay-colored Sparrow? You'll learn a dozen or so dastardly duos and how to sort them out before you find them in the field.

Vermont Bird Tours 2009
All images Bryan Pfeiffer / Wings Photography